We Bring Advance Purchases and Customer Referrals!

If your business can benefit from some immediate working capital, we will purchase up to 15% of your sales in advance, with a fixed discount – NO INTEREST! Remain in good standing 30 days and longer after our purchase, and we'll send you customer referrals, to help cover most of our discount. We don't provide capital. We provide a partnership.
Receive complimentary customer referrals to help cover most of our advance purchase discount.
Receive a complimentary or discounted Payment Terminal, POS System, PMS System, Consumer Finance System, Check System, Mobile Reader, Online Store, eGift Card System, eCoupon System, or Digital Signage to increase operational efficiency and sales using the latest technology.
BONUS: Receive working capital in seven business days or less after applying. Earn unlimited 2 miles for each dollar you discount on our purchase of your sales in advance. Every 100 miles are equal to $1 exclusive travel and entertainment benefits worldwide.