STEP 1: We Purchase in Advance!

If your business can benefit from some immediate working capital for marketing, equipment, POS system, expansion, inventory, staffing, cash flow, etc. We'll purchase a small percentage of your sales in advance, at a fixed discount – NO DEBT. WATCH VIDEO!
STEP 2: Get real customer referrals to help reduce our advance purchase discount and increase your sales, after remaining in good standing for 30 days and longer. Lack of sales is still #1 reason for cash-flow problems according to the National Federation of Independent Business.
STEP 3: Get local marketing services, every full month we collect on our purchase. Why? Over fifty percent of consumers on a smartphone, purchase within a day of their local search. We make sure they can find you! ($2,400+ Annual Value)
BONUS: Get working capital in seven business days or less after your initial consultation. Earn unlimited 2 miles for each dollar you discount on our purchase of your sales in advance. Every 100 miles are equal to $1 in website design, digital advertising, EMV terminals, POS/PMS systems, travel, and more.